Pioneer Service Earns AS9100D Certification

In this photo: Smiles from left to right: Joan Owczarski (Quality Technician), Alfredo Gudas (Senior Mfg Engineer), Chris Linhart (Quality Manager), and John Pack (VP of Operations).

Modern Machine Shop article, 'Leaders, Not Just Manager' by Aneesa Muthana

In this photo: The Leaders of Pioneer Service - from left to right: Chris Linhart (Quality Manager), Aneesa Muthana (President / Co-Owner), and John Pack (VP of Operations).

Making Chips Podcast interview with Aneesa Muthana

June 11, 2019 "How Manufacturing Education Will Transform The Industry" - Aneesa Muthana

Women filling the labor gap – Pioneer Service and President Aneesa Muthana Featured in Crain’s Chicago Business

The future is bright for these young women/future industry leaders. Pioneer Service is one of few companies now stepping up to host regular career outreach to cultivate and inspire young talent.

This May, Crain’s Chicago Business devoted their front page to women in manufacturing and Aneesa Muthana, President of Pioneer Service.

It is no secret that pay and labor gaps exist.  The big question is, how do you break them down? Answer - Making a change!  Pioneer Service led by Aneesa Muthana does just that.  With the continued shortage in the skilled labor market Muthana and team are on the road showcasing careers that most young people have never heard about.  She expands her search into relatively untapped markets, as well as giving women inroads into an industry traditionally dominated by men.  With a positive attitude and perseverance Muthana explains, “As more women enter the industry both gaps will soon be history”.

Pioneer Service continues to expand outreach programs to young girls with the potential to become difference-makers in manufacturing. While our industry needs women so it can continue to grow, Muthana emphasizes, “the need for working partnerships between men and women will only strengthen our industry”.

Pioneer Service Expands Production

With a healthy industry and tax reform, Pioneer Service seizes the day by adding CNC Swiss machines – only the first many expansions in 2018. 

Renewal in Manufacturing Brings New Challenge of Finding Skilled Labor

It’s a promising time to be a manufacturing company. New tax incentives have accelerated the timeline for companies looking to upgrade their machines. As businesses continue to convert to automation and precision-machining, they face the challenge of finding skilled labor to help with those very same machines.

Lt. Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti Visits Pioneer Service for #MFGDay17

On October 5, 2017, Lt. Governor Sanguinetti visited Pioneer Service to see manufacturing operations, hear the Pioneer story, and collect ideas on reaching more youth for STEM careers like manufacturing. 

Photo (from left to right):

Tiernan Murrell, Co-Director for SparkShop
Steve Brezwyn, V.P. Operations, Pioneer Service
Aneesa Muthana, President & Co-Owner, Pioneer Service
Eric Smith, Director of Sales, Pioneer Service
Lt. Governor of Illinois, Evelyn Sanguinetti
Mayor of Addison, Rich Veenstra
Rose of Sharon DeVos, Business Development Manager, Pioneer Service
James Rewis, Quality Manager, Pioneer Service

In her visit, the Lt. Governor expressed genuine interest in our industry and enthusiasm for engaging more of Illinois' youth in STEM programs boost career opportunities. After a plant tour, Tiernan Murell shared the vision for and was invited to present further to the Rural Affairs Counsel about the program that "sparks" interest in STEM careers in elementary school.

Addison Mayor Rich Veenstra discussed local initiatives to boost manufacturing's image, and had his team create video footage of the visit for inclusion in video production on the subject. It was a great example of local and state government working with small businesses to make a difference in communities!

Pioneer Service Hosts 91 Students During #MfgDay17

On October 4, 2017 and October 6, 2017 Pioneer Service hosted high school students for a tour and presentation on manufacturing careers. In all, 91 students were able to come! Students from Reavis High School, Oak Lawn High School and Addison Trail High School saw first-hand how machined parts are made on advanced CNC Swiss machines with production manager Bob Anderson, as well how they are checked with vision inspection systems. A third of their time was spent addressing perceptions vs. reality in manufacturing and how they might find their own passion in unconventional places. Rose of Sharon DeVos presented the myths, her own story of joining the industry, Pioneer Service's story and encouraged students to be intentional in writing their own life and career stories.


Breaking Boundaries For Women with Unconventional Occupations

September 29, 2017 The Breaking Boundaries, a "Career Exploration Series" provided women looking for career opportunities with unique insights into the lives of successful women in non-traditional careers.

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